the house


Con questo link al blog di Keri Smith festeggio i tanti anni che ormai sono passati da quando ho cominciato a leggerla, a comprare (e usare) i suoi libri, e a imparare da lei quando ancora della rete non sapevo niente. E Amanda Palmer, che per festeggiare il suo milionesimo follower su Twitter ha scritto una cosa fantastica sul suo punk e il folk di Pete Seeger e la “chiesa” del web e la sua idea di farsi “usare”. E le creature vicine e lontane che mi stanno ispirando a costruire una casa che ancora non c’è.

the first one


I have just delivered my small contribution to a nice project and now is time to go back to another project, which is all mine and I had layed down to chill out for a while. My friend A is getting married and she’s going to keep a funny diary about her work in progress which is very promising. Here above you can see one of the first pics I took with the new camera (very daily scene over at my house). I am very much in awe of the digital prodigy itself, with all its different options, but now I am trying to understand how I can sabotage its diabolical perfection. I know I will never be able to get the shadowy oldish crazyness of SX-70 back, but I need to find a way to break this scheme which was meant to prevent us from failing. Most of the time this is exactly the matter. How do we give warmth, personality, rough edges, mistakes – life, that is – to the stuff that we obtain from machines? Last night I attended a short acoustic set by one of the bands that are most dear to me, Afterhours, and they’re still brimming with exactly that spirit: pure energy, even when it’s rough, even in difficult environments, because if we can focus on what we’re doing, what we enjoy is the process, not the product. It’s the same that I have learnt from Keri Smith, rare jewel. I was so lucky to have an interview with her a few days ago, and I hope her crystal clear spirit will bring luck to the blog. F too, thinking about photography, is pondering over this: which are pictures full of life – indetermined, fluctuating, real – over those that are dragging, fixed, perfectly concocted. In a certain way, life is not whole, is not still, is not framed, is not in focus.