is there anybody alive out there?


E la risposta è sì. MilanoLiberaTutti. Per una volta, vedere anche fuori la città che ho dentro.

And the answer is yes. MilanoLiberaTutti for the mayor campaign – for once, being able to see outside of yourself the city that you have inside.

from life

The red thread I’m following these days is reality. Il paese è reale (the country is real), after many and tenacious preparations has become, in fact, real, with the collective concert last Friday night in the square of Stazione Centrale in Milan – a place very real (or unreal) in itself for us Milanese, one… Continue reading

pure energy

I read today that scientists believe our hearts produce energy in waves around them for some metres, in a quantity 5000 times bigger than the energy produced by our brains. What is funny is that most of the time we sort of put up with what our hearts feel instead of directing it. Art probably help us shape… Continue reading